Garmin Edge 530 GPS

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Know where your going, on-road and off-road, without needing your phone. Pick a point on the map or load a course and the Edge 530 gets you there with phone-free, turn-by-turn navigation. Trendline routing looks at other Garmin Connect user’s data for that area, leveraging millions of trips to find the best rides and most efficient routes. Real-time Strava segment integration speaks to your competitive side, displaying nearby segments, showing how you compare to your PR and the current KOM or QOM. Live Tracking continues to evolve, with rider-to-rider pre-set messaging and real-time location displayed right on your Edge. When connected to your phone via the free Garmin Connect app, you can receive texts, social media alerts, emails, download training plans, review activities, keep an eye on the weather and more.

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