Dynaplug repair plugs

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The most convenient emergency repair system, fixes 98% of all tubeless tire punctures. Load one of the brass tipped repair plugs into the stainless steel insertion tube, then pull the tool away and clip the plug end flush with tire. No need for tire removal or messy glues and patches, and it will not unbalance the tire.

The repair plugs and insertion-tube re-use cleaner and store neatly inside the durable, lightweight billet aluminum body of this powerful tool. What if you have a larger hole from—for example—a quarter inch bolt? Two or three of these special plugs, inserted side-by-side, work fine.

The 2 oz. Ultralite uses a silicone end-cap and includes 1-insertion tube and 4-repair plugs. PRO model features an all-aluminum waterproof body with 3-insertion tubes, clearing and air-stopper tools, 8-repair plugs and a polyethylene case. 3 oz. 3.8"×0.87"

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