NSB Aluminum Idler Pulley Kit

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Fully CNC machined from 416 Stainless Steel and heat-treated, post-machining, to bring them to a hardened condition and ready for anything. Ultimately, the exact life span of the new stainless steel pulley will be affected by such conditions as riding frequency, riding style and conditions, however, we feel confident to say that you will see two-to-three times the life compared to a stock alloy idler. This longer life, however, comes at a weight penalty of a paltry 22grams.

Almost as exciting as offering a longer-lasting alternative for our idler pulley is the fact that both of these aftermarket pulleys are made right here in Canada, by our good friends at North Shore Billet. NSB manufactures all of their beautifully machined products in Whistler, BC and was the ideal partner for this project. When they say things like, “round things with teeth are right up our alley!”, we knew that this project was in the right hands. Our partnership with NSB is the start of something bigger, realizing a long-standing goal of ours to use on-shore and local manufacturing where it makes sense for our business model and something you will see more of in the future!

The third exciting feature of this small but significant announcement is the inclusion of a solid lube bearing from Enduro. Solid lube bearings see the ball bearings set in a self-lubricating polymer that completely fills the space between the inner and outer race of the bearing. The leading causes of bearing failure are a lack of lubrication and damage caused by contamination. 

The polymer's self-lubricating properties completely eliminates the need for grease and without voids, ingress of contamination is almost impossible. We have been successfully testing this bearing technology for over 12 months, in all conditions, and for this application, they are the perfect solution for a zero maintenance pulley. Ride in any weather? Use any cleaning solution? Blast it with a hose? Go ahead, it really doesn’t matter with this technology.  Expect to feel a small amount of “stickiness” at first but within the first ride or two the polymer will break in and the bearing will spin as free as the ABEC 5 we supply with our stock idler pulleys. 

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