About Us

At Sovereign Cycle we strive to be the best period. We know our gear, bikes and suspension inside and out, the attention to detail in our shop is second to none and our end goal is to leave you with the best in-shop and on-bike experience possible. That’s why we only hire the best, most experienced people available. Have a question for the guys? Give us a call: 778 754 5678 or click here for our location and hours.


Abby (the shop dog)

Abby was 13 1/2 yrs old but you wouldn't guess it if you saw her in person.  She always made you feel welcome when you came into the store and appreciated a good scratching under her collar.  Abby was Sovereign Cycle's longest working "employee" and she really knew the ropes.  Take her for a trail ride and she would probably beat you down the mountain by taking her version of the "fastest route".

Abby lives on in all of our fondest memories! 
We love you girl!



So you have a problem with your bike (or pretty much anything) that you can't figure out??  Well this is your guy!  Lucas hails from Alberta, but we dont hold that against him...  Not only can he fix pretty much anything that comes his way, he can also shred on a bike!  If you need the best tech in the Valley...you have come to the right place!




When a picture says a thousand words... yup, this is Colin!  He loves very heavy metal music and if he looks familiar... you are probably not wrong... you might remember him from such educational videos like; "Internet and Street Smarts" and " Surfing for Seniors"...this guy has pretty much done it all!  Not only is he probably taller than you, he probably has a beard that is longer than yours.  Bring your bike in so he can make it work better than the day you bought it... just make sure it isn't on his half day... 




Talking about people that look familiar... this guy is straight out of Orange County (not actually) and has all the style to go along with it.  He is not only one of the fastest people in Canada on two sticks, but he can also make any bike he throws a leg over quiver like a leaf in the wind.  The guy can rip and is like the energizer bunny when he gets going.  Gareth is in University but still makes time to grace us with his presence when time allows.  He will sell you pretty much anything that 7mesh sells...so beware if you come into the shop, you will probably leave with his favorite piece.




There is a very good chance that you won't understand a single thing that comes out of his mouth when you first start talking to him... he has one of those weird english accents... just ask your question two or three times and we are sure the language barrier will sort itself out.  If you need someone to show you around Powers Creek or in general, make you feel like you have accomplished very little on a bike... then this young guy is the one who will do it.  He rides like a seasoned vet and will lay a beat down on almost anyone who pushes his limits!




Ok... we know he is a looker...but smart too?? Ok... enough of the tinder profile... Dylan is one of, if not the fastest rider in the Valley!  He is killin it in University but still graces us with his intensity and amazing personality when he has the time.  Have a look at the top ten of almost every trail in the Valley on Strava and there is a good chance that he is in there!  




The guy has forearms that would make any arm wrestler jealous... not only is he an unreal rider, but the guy is a total climbing fanatic! When he isn't upsetting the top spots at Enduro races, you will find him hanging upside down at the climbing gyms.



Owner and Rider, he loves bikes and everything that is active!  When he is not on the trail or working until 11pm at the shop, you will probably find him playing Volleyball or on his motorcycle somewhere on Westside rd.  If you need advise on the best bikes or products... you have met the right guy!