Repair rates

At Sovereign Cycle, we strive to provide the best maintenance and repairs in the Okanagan. Regardless of make or model, our service programs will get your bike running smooth and help keep it that way. We carry only the best O.E.M and after-market replacement parts to keep you rolling. Drop by our service desk and get your bike dialed for your next ride.

Below is a list of our service options. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.

We offer standard lubes and oils from Rock Shox, Fox and Maxima plus biodegradable lubes and grease from Whistler Performance Lubes during service. We can accommodate special requests for other fork oils and greases.

We recycle anything and everything possible including: all worn out tires and flat tubes, all worn out aluminum and steel drive, frame, wheel and suspension components from our service department. That's our contribution to taking care of Mother Earth and making sure there are always trails to ride!



Service Packages

*Tune-up (includes wash) - any bicycle type $85.00

Our standard tune-up includes: wheel tension and true, torque all bolts to spec, adjust shifting and braking, safety inspection, assesment of brake pads, hub/headset bearings, tires, drivetrain and suspension components/pivots for wear. The tune-up also includes labour (parts not included) to replace worn drivetrain parts, brake pads, and many other major components with some exclusions.

See the labour list below for individual add ons. Our service program is à la carte - you can pick and choose what you want/need done in addition to your tune up.

*All additional labour is 20% off when you purchase a tune up.



Suspension Service

Fork Semi-bath Oil Change (does not include oil) $30.00
Basic Fork Overhaul - oil seal and semi-bath change (does not include parts or oil) $60.00
Fork Damper Oil Change - bleed damper cartridge and semi bath (does not include oil) $80.00
Complete Fork Overhaul - Seals semi-bath and damper oil change (does not include parts or oil) $100.00
Rear Shock Air Can Service (does not include parts or oil) $35.00
Complete Rear Shock Service - Seals and oil (does not include parts or oil) $100.00
Pivot Overhaul $60.00/hr
DU Bushing Install $15.00
Spring Swap $10.00
Suspension Setup (for rider weight and riding style) $30.00



Bike Build (frame up) $150.00
Bike Build (boxed) $80.00
Box Up Bike (for shipping) $60.00
Frame Swap $150.00


Tire and Tube (per wheel)

Flat Repair $9.50
Tire/Tube Install $10.00
Tubeless Tire Install $15.00
Tubeless Conversion (does not include parts or sealant) $30.00


Rim Brake (per wheel)

Rim Brake Adjust $10.00
Cable Install $15.00
Pad Install $15.00
Brake Lever Install $20.00
Brake Caliper Install $20.00


Disc Brake (per wheel)

Brake Bleed $35.00
Shorten Line (includes bleed, does not include parts) $30.00
Brake Adjust $10.00
Disc Brake Pad Install $15.00
Disc Brake Install (full brake, caliper or lever. Includes bleed) $35.00
Rotor Install $15.00
Brake Hose Install (includes bleed, does not include parts) $35.00



Shifter Install (per side) $20.00


Derailleurs (per unit)

Rear Derailleur Adjust $20.00
Front Derailleur Adjust $20.00
Cable/Housing Install $15.00
Derailleur Install $25.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $15.00


Cranks & Bottom Bracket

Chainring Install $15.00
Crank Install $25.00
Bottom Bracket Install $30.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $35.00
Crank & Bottom Bracket Install $35.00
Face & Chase Bottom Bracket Shell $40.00


Chain & Cassette

Drivetrain Install $60.00
Chain Clean & Lube $15.00
Cassette Clean & Lube $15.00
Chain Install $15.00
Cassette Install $20.00
Chainguide Install $60.00/hr



Adjust Front Hub $10.00
Adjust Rear Hub $15.00
Overhaul Front Hub $20.00
Overhaul Rear Hub $30.00
Freehub Install $35.00



Wheel Build $60.00
Wheel True $15 - $25.00
Spoke Install - includes wheel true $20 - $30.00


Headset & Fork

Face Head tube $40.00
Headset Adjust $10.00
Headset Install $35.00
Headest Overhaul $35.00
Install Crown Race $10.00
Cut Steer Tube $10.00
Star Nut Install $10.00
Fork Install (includes star-nut install and cut steer tube) $60.00/hr


Stem & Handlebars

Stem Install $10.00
Handlebar Install $15.00
Cut Handlebar $10.00
Install Grips $10.00
Tape Road Bar $30.00



Overhaul Pedals $35.00
Install Pedals $10.00
Install Toe Clips $10.00


Seat & Seatpost

Reverb Stealth Overhaul (Does not include parts or oil) $70.00
Reverb (external) Overhaul (Does not include parts or oil) $80.00
Other Dropper Seatpost Overhaul (Does not include parts) $60.00/hr
Bleed Reverb Seatpost $25.00
Seat Install $5.00
Seatpost Install $5.00
Dropper Seatpost Install $30.00
Remove Seized Seatpost $60.00/hr



Rack Install $20.00
Fender Install $20.00
Light Install $10.00
Kickstand Install $10.00
Cyclocomputer Install $25.00



Written Insurance Estimate $25.00


The Fine Print

*All additional labour is 20% off when you purchase a tune-up.

All labour prices effective March 23rd 2018.