24 Forbidden Druid V2 X0 T-Type

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Druid is the modern wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its high pivot Trifecta suspension platform defies logic. Simultaneously generating predictable traction and playful pop while offering an otherworldly ability to devour chunky terrain. With geometry that effortlessly balances stability and agility, the Druid is a trail bike through and through. This bike is equally at home hammering out trail rides after work, ripping weekend shuttle laps, and crushing epic alpine traverses. This humble (on paper) trail bike boasts on-trail characteristics that don’t just punch above their class they defy classification altogether. A bike that delivers pedal-all-day efficiency when you want it and tech-descent-tackling confidence when you need it. A short travel trail bike by definition but a kilometer-crushing, chunder-devouring, fun machine by any other description.


    Trail / All Mountain


    130mm Rear / 150mm Front


    Full 29er or Mixed (MX)

This Bike was a demo bike for part of the season.  It is sold as new with full warranty.  It has We Are One Faction rims laced to i9 Hydra hubs.  The fork was swapped out from the black Lyrik to the Green Lyrik.  Waterbottle cage, garmin mount and pedals are not included. 
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