Garmin Edge 530 w/ Sensor Bundle

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This bundle pairs the Edge 530 with 3 powerful sensors to get the most from your training. Sensors track speed, heart rate, and cadence on the go, or at home on your trainer. Pick a point on the map or load a course and the Edge 530 gets you there with phone-free, turn-by-turn navigation. Trendline routing looks at other Garmin Connect user’s data for that area, leveraging millions of trips to find you the best rides and most efficient routes. Real-time Strava segment integration speaks to your competitive side, displaying nearby segments, showing how you compare to your PR and the current KOM or QOM. Live Tracking continues to evolve, with rider-to-rider pre-set messaging and real-time location displayed right on your Edge. When connected to your phone via the free Garmin Connect app, you can receive texts, social media alerts, emails, download training plans, review activities, keep an eye on the weather and more.

  • On board North American maps let you navigate to saved points, through courses created or downloaded and transferred through Garmin Connect Mobile or Strava (via the Connet IQ app), the unit will even re-route you if you get off course.
  • Back to start feature brings you home safely, directing you back to where you started your ride.
  • Trendline™ routing uses Garmin Connect’s database of rider’s routes and tracks to find the most popular routes.
  • ClimbPro™ mode breaks down the climbs in your ride, letting you know the grade, the total ascent, remaining ascent and elevation profile, so you can pace yourself.
  • Mountain biking dynamics include 3 new metrics, jumps: number of jumps, hangtime and distance, grit: overall trail difficulty, and flow: a score of how you rode the trail e.g. did you over brake in a corner.
  • TrailForks™ integration lets you access and navigate through the immense TrailForks trail database without needing a cellular connection. You can even log into your account and save rides, check-in on trails, etc.
  • ForkSight mode uses TraliForks data when you get to a fork in the trail, telling about your choices, e.g. trail rating, distance, elevation, etc.
  • Strava Segment integration – both preloaded and on-the-fly – lets you know when your starred segment is about to begin and shows instantaneous data, not just of your performance in the moment, but also how it compares to your PR and the current KOM or QOM, and then provides results once the segment is complete. (requires phone running Strava premium)
  • Live Tracking during activities (through a connected smartphone) allows you to share your location, speed, and more.
  • GroupTrack™ displays the location and telemetry of up to 50 of your contacts that are using compatible Garmin devices.
  • Pre-set messaging between compatible Edge units, when combined with Live Tracking, means real-time location and messaging, no more stopping to check your phone.
  • Find my Edge feature let’s you know if your Edge loses its connection to your phone. Should your Edge fall off, you get a lost-connection alert with location and exact GPS coordinates. Once in Bluetooth™ range you can trigger an alarm on your device, letting you know exactly where it is.
  • Training plan takes you through the details of your ride: weather – including the recommended clothing for the conditions, food and water requirements based on your fitness levels – even providing reminders of when you should drink and eat, and much more.
  • Environmental factors like heat and altitude acclimation are taken into consideration when calculating performance and recovery metrics.
  • Training status helps you optimize your training, guiding you where you need to push and where you may need to dial it back.
  • Bike alarm mode adds a bit of peace of mind to pit stops.
  • Incident detection uses the Edge’s accelerometers to detect if an accident has occurred. In the case of an accident the unit will send a signal through your paired smartphone to predefined emergency contacts.
  • Free Garmin Connect app lets you review activities, receive texts, social media alerts, emails, etc., download training plans, keep an eye on the weather and more.
  • Soft (ANT+) chest strap is comfortable and accurate, great for those looking for more data.
  • Speed and Cadence sensors use both Bluetooth™ and ANT+™ secure digital transmission technology.
  • Speed sensor has a memory that allows the unit to track your rides, even when you aren’t using your phone or bike computer. The sensor will start a ride session when you start rolling and stop that session when you come to a stop, synching that ride to your phone (running Garmin Connect) or computer next time they are in range.
  • Sensors attach with no magnets or exposed parts, making them easy to install, maintain and move between bikes.
  • Speed Sensor attaches to a standard hub on either wheel and self-calibrates for accurate speed and distance while stationary (on a trainer) or on the move.
  • Cadence Sensor fastens to any crank arm size and measures pedal strokes per minute.
  • Barometric altimeter helps you track your ascents, descents, and total elevation changes.
  • In the box: Edge 530, mounts (flush out-front and standard), speed sensor 2, cadence sensor 2, premium heart-rate strap, USB cable, tether and manuals.
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