Leatt Protection Helmet MTB 1.0 Mountain

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Leatt forms the DBX 1.0 MTN Helmet from an energy-absorbing Polymer Compound shell and in-moulded impact foam to take the hits of a crash when grip lets you down and gravity wins the battle to get you off your bike without any warning. Added to this is the exceptional 360° Turbine Technology - the helmet is lined with energy-absorbing discs and these work to reduce both the rotational acceleration to the head and brain and absorb energy upon impact at concussion level. Together with the outer shell, this Turbine tech ensures impact forces are minimised and you're able to get up and keep riding after a crash. Even the visor is designed to break away in the event of a crash thus further reducing rotational forces on the head and brain - perfection.

When it comes to comfort the DBX 1.0 MTN doesn't disappoint, the moisture-wicking and breathable liner ensuring you don't get overwhelmed with sweat during a riding session. It's odour resistant and washable too, ensuring freshness every time you ride. With 14 vents and MaxiFlow air channels inside you'll also enjoy a cooling breeze no matter what speed you're riding, from the steady effort of an uphill to the rapid speed of a downhill.

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