OneUp EDC pump

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The EDC Pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump. It is designed to integrate with the EDC Tool System, CO2 canister or your favorite stash. Crafted from aluminum with a durable textured machined finish. The fast-on head makes it easy to secure the pump to your valve; simply push the pump on, no more worries about bending the valve or unscrewing the valve core. With the highest air volume to weight ratio on the market (for the 100cc pump) repairs are fast and easy.

  • 2 Sizes: High Volume 100cc & Compact 70cc
  • 100cc Pump holds EDC Tool & a 20g CO2 or EDC Tool & the Storage Capsule
  • 70cc Pump holds EDC Tool (no Storage Capsule) or a 20g CO2
  • Fast-On Head (Presta Only) - No threads or locking levers
  • Integrated CO2 Inflator
  • Fully Sealed, Weatherproofed Internals
  • Includes Bottle Cage Mount
  • weight: 135g (70cc), 160g (100cc)

*Does not include EDC tool or CO2 cartridge as displayed*

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