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Opinion: Is Now the Golden Age of Mountain Biking?

Opinion: Is Now the Golden Age of Mountain Biking? * the views expressed by the author of this article do not necessarily reflect those of Sovereign Cycle or its employees.

You know what? We are all really lucky. Yes, that’s we, as in you, me, and everyone else who has the privilege to ride a modern day mountain bike in BC right now. At this moment in time we ride technologically advanced rigs, relatively unhindered and free, on some of the best terrain in the world. I mean, am I right? BC is just loaded with the good stuff – trees, mountains, creeks, and other geological wonders, each that provide us with trails of loam, rock, slab, roots, or scree. With so much wild space surrounding us, we are also generally unrestricted in our recreational pursuit. I just can’t get enough of this place, and I bet, neither can you! But I also wonder, could this be the golden age of our sport?