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Opinion: Is Now the Golden Age of Mountain Biking?

Opinion: Is Now the Golden Age of Mountain Biking? * the views expressed by the author of this article do not necessarily reflect those of Sovereign Cycle or its employees.

You know what? We are all really lucky. Yes, that’s we, as in you, me, and everyone else who has the privilege to ride a modern day mountain bike in BC right now. At this moment in time we ride technologically advanced rigs, relatively unhindered and free, on some of the best terrain in the world. I mean, am I right? BC is just loaded with the good stuff – trees, mountains, creeks, and other geological wonders, each that provide us with trails of loam, rock, slab, roots, or scree. With so much wild space surrounding us, we are also generally unrestricted in our recreational pursuit. I just can’t get enough of this place, and I bet, neither can you! But I also wonder, could this be the golden age of our sport?

Ride Diary: 'Stoke the Fire

Ride Diary: 'Stoke the Fire Thanks to all of you, last summer was a busy one at the shop and as September crept closer we were all in need of a little reward. What better way to do it than with a riding trip to Revy? Revelstoke, BC is one of my favorite places to ride - wet forest, loamy dirt, roots, rocks and steeps! Pretty much the opposite of the Okanagan and it’s only 3 hours from Kelowna. Most of our staff have ridden in Revy, but some hadn’t really explored the bigger rides or shuttle areas like Frisby/Ultimate Frisby, Martha Creek and Boulder Mountain. So, we booked some rides with Wandering Wheels, set up an Airbnb for the weekend and drove everybody out to the 'Stoke to shred, drink some beer, and eat all the food. And take pictures...lots of on to see 'em.

Ride Diary: Always Another Adventure

Ride Diary: Always Another Adventure Still buzzing from our escapades in Derby, Tasmania our now, group of four, were moving on to the land of the Aotèaroa. This would not be a maiden voyage for any of us. It’s a place that we never seem to cross off our to-ride list; in New Zealand, there’s always another adventure. In fact, this was my fourth time visiting, and I’m sure that with my insatiable lust for life on two wheels, the growth of our sport, and the on-going construction of new trails, it will not be my last.

Ride Diary: Forever Dreaming of Derby

Ride Diary: Forever Dreaming of Derby We all have that one adventure. The place we daydream about when we need to escape our current reality. For me, this is that one trip. I knew it the moment we started pedaling up our first trail, Axehead, actually, all six of us knew – Derby, Tasmania was about to steal our hearts. I’ve never encountered MTB trails purpose built with such attention to detail, with what I can only describe as true love for mountain biking made visible. Have I caught your attention? Good, because what I know for sure is that I will forever be dreaming of Derby’s masterfully constructed singletrack, and longing for the piece of my heart that I left behind…

Ride Diary: It's Summer Somewhere - Sedona, AZ

Ride Diary: It's Summer Somewhere - Sedona, AZ BC, in November - ugh. For many of us, the riding season is coming to a close, but not for ALL of us. Sovereign Cycle team rider Jillian Thatcher got it right. She packed up her bike and headed south. Why? Because it's summer somewhere - Sedona, AZ to be exact! Here's Jill's take on extending the riding season with insight on biking, eating, sleeping, and repeating.